Welcome to Wolsingham Bowling Club


The Bowling Club is Open with the following changes due to Covid 19

To ensure the safety of all who wish to use the bowling green, the following points should be noted.

If you wish to bowl, you must book a rink. To book a rink for the afternoon session, please ring on the evening before, between 8.00 and 10.00pm. To book an evening rink, please ring before noon on that day. This will enable me to inform the person on duty who to expect and when.

Entry to the club room will be limited to one household at a time and notices will indicate the system of movement. Access to the toilets will also be signed. There will be seating in the hall, if members need to change shoes before bowling.

The car park will re-open on 15 June but the advice is that you should not give lifts to members outside of your own household.

Play will be on alternate rinks and limited to four people, though you could book to play alone. You should only handle your own woods; only one player should handle the mat and the jack (there will be a jack at each end). The person on duty will put out the mats and jacks and will clear away and sterilise them after use.

No one should come to watch and no one should turn up on the off chance of getting a game.

There should be no handshakes, high 5’s or hugs. At all times maintain social distancing on and around the green. Masks are optional but wearing gloves is recommended.

Wolsingham BC


We have Bowls available for any one to try our sport, all ages from 12 upwards.

Wolsingham today is still a small market town looking much as it did hundreds of years ago with many stone built listed buildings, period features and links to its long history. In recent years it has become a thriving visitor stopping off point at the base of the Weardale valley.

The bowling club can be found on Front Street in the West End of Wolsingham.

Club Opening Hours

Monday 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM and  6PM - Dusk
Tuesday 10.30AM-12:30 and 2.00 Pm - 4.00 PM and  6PM - Dusk
Wednesday 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM and  6PM - Dusk
Thursday 10.30 AM - 4.00 PM and  6PM - Dusk
Friday 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM and  6PM - Dusk
Saturday 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM and  Closed
Sunday 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM and  6PM - Dusk


We welcome visitors and new members to the club, There is ample parking space next to the Green with a car parking fee of £2.00 a day for non members.

Green Fees for Visitors are £3.00 Per Session

We have a relaxed dress code but bowling shoes must be worn when on the green.




Recreation Field
Front Street, Wolsingham
Bishop Auckland
United Kingdom
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